Almost every person on the planet is going through a personal struggle of some kind.  Many of us are searching for meaning and even more of us are just trying to get through this time, hoping for it to end soon.   Most of us are either alone (in isolation) or in very close contact with our families, partners or housemates.  Either way, we are having to look at some things that we may have been avoiding, sometimes for years.  So, how do we cope with those things that are staring us in the face?

There is a lot of advice out there.  Everyone has an opinion.  Some of the advice is constructive, helpful and some of it is subjective and one sided, even harsh and judgemental.  Some say that we should learn a new skill and that if we don’t use this time constructively, we have no self-control.  That statement, in my mind, is made by someone who is trying to keep control.   Others say that this time should be used to catch up on tasks we have neglected, meditate, exercise, connect with a pet, use positive thinking or affirmations.   This is great advice, but not everyone has a pet, or is able to meditate and focusing on positive thinking only can make us suppress our real feelings and put on a brave face.   

What is helping me?

  1. Spending a few minutes each day checking in with my body and emotions.  Just sitting and allowing my feelings to be there, whatever they may be.  Noticing where they are in my body.
  2. Meditation; there are many free online meditations. If you battle with meditation, this can take the form of a hobby; doing any task which stills the busyness of my mind.
  3. Writing (in a private journal) all the emotions that I don’t feel I can express (fears, anger, hopes, dreams). 
  4. Just committing to doing a few minutes of those things that I’ve been avoiding (exercise, assignments, housework etc.).  That way it isn’t overwhelming.
  5. Allowing myself some time to just check out, whether that is watching a movie or doing something else to distract myself.
  6. Avoiding social media as much as I can.  This is a difficult one, because keeping up with the latest news can become addictive.  I’m trying to focus on inspirational messages; things that uplift me.
  7. Reaching out to someone when I need to.  This could take the form of a chat with a friend or family member, a discussion with a counsellor or distance healing of some kind (Body Talk/Reiki).
  8. And, despite my comment above, I am learning a new skill, but without the pressure of becoming a better version of myself.  

We’re all going through something that we have never experienced before, so the most important thing to do, in my mind, is to be kind to ourselves and remember that ‘this too shall pass’.

Sending you much love.

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