Colleen Benade

Colleen is passionate about people and their individual transformation and power. She has been on a personal healing journey for over two decades and, during that process, it has become clear to her that healing needs to be approached from a mind, body and soul perspective.
• Mind: What we think about, our self-talk, belief systems and repeating patterns learned from our family, society and life experiences.
• Body: Our engagement with the physical world, beliefs about the body, as well as emotions and blocks held within the body.
• Soul: Relationship and engagement with the self and with the non-physical.

She has found two modalities to be central to her own healing; Body Talk (to clear the blocks in her emotions and body) and Family Constellations (to clear the blocks in her family line). She has also found transpersonal numerology to be a valuable tool to facilitate a deeper understanding of herself and the people she engages with.
She would love to share these wonderful modalities with you to help you transform your life. Colleen is a:
• Body Talk Practitioner
• Family Constellations Facilitator
• Reiki Practitioner
• Transpersonal Numerology
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